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We Are OPEN For Business!

We Are Open For Business!

At TNT Termite and Pest Control, our priority is the safety of our team members, customers and community. In co-operation with our state and national leadership, we are working hard to contain the spread of the virus by maintaining social distancing standards. Fortunately the majority of our service program is focused on the exterior of your home and business. There is no need for our customers to be home or answer the door if they are not comfortable doing so. If you are seeing insects in the home, we will tailor our exterior treatment to control the activity or provide consultation.

As the warmer weather has arrived, insect activity is on the rise, including termites. Should you have a concern, please contact us by phone, text or message. Often times we will request a photo and diagnose your problem immediately.

Thank you for your support and trust in TNT! Stay healthy and God bless!

Your friends in the community,
Bonnie, Ed, Andy and Josh