Of all the insects that Florida has to offer, the cockroach is the one that may provide the most angst to property owners.  These insects can carry disease, and contaminate food and personal belongings.  Roaches reproduce rapidly and can survive in a multitude of changing environments. Some of the more common roaches in our area are the American, German, Asian and Surinam.

American Cockroach- is one of the largest roaches that invade buildings.  Adults can grow to 1-1/4 to 2 inches long and are reddish brown. They are often referred to as Palmetto Bugs. They prefer very warm and humid environments and can fly.  

German Cockroach– is the most common indoor species.  In buildings, they are primarily found in kitchens and bathrooms,  but in severe infestations, they may occur throughout the structure.  This species has the highest reproductive potential of all the common pest cockroaches and may be found nesting in your appliances and electronics.  Adults are a ½ inch long and brown to light brown with two darker bands or streaks running lengthwise on the body.

Asian Cockroach– is very similar in appearance to German Cockroaches.  They thrive in the outdoors and mainly infest single-family suburban houses and yards.  The adults are strong flyers and can readily enter your home.

Surinam Cockroach- is a burrowing insect frequently found in areas on the outside of your home.  They hide during the day wherever it is dark and possible to conceal themselves.  This roach is about ¾ inch long and is shining brown to black in color.  Although this cockroach is not in the strict sense a household pest, it is never the less the source of annoyance as it often wanders into homes and garages.