A Lesson About Spiders

Where Are Spiders Found?

Spiders are typically seen in homes and business, attics and crawl spaces, under eaves, around windows and outside in shrubbery.  Many different species of spiders may be there.  Some make webs to catch their prey, others are hunters.  All spiders are predators that depend mostly on live insects for food.  Because of this they are highly beneficial.

What is Arachnophobia?

Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders, and there are many people who share this common condition. Because of this, spiders are considered pests to most homeowners.

Do All Spiders Bite?

The black or brown widow is the most notorious biting spider. The brown recluse, or violin spider, is not common in Florida. It may be carried into the state in a box or other item, but it is not thought to be able to survive in Florida’s climate.  Other spider species, though highly venomous, rarely bite. When they do, it is usually the result of someone reaching into a spider’s nest/web. It is important to know that people are not a food source. Spiders do not seek us out to bite us.  Despite the rarity of their bites, spiders have a fearful reputation. 

Can Spiders Be Controlled?

Most spider populations can be reduced or eliminated by our regular quarterly pest control.  Food sources (insects) will be eliminated, webbing is brushed down from eaves, and the rare black or brown widow population is treated directly. 

A few of the more common spiders are:

  • Spiny orb-weaver -These are sometimes referred to as crab spiders, although there is another spider in Florida with that name.  They love to make webs inside your lanai.
  • Jumping Spider -This small spider may be found indoors as well as outdoors.  It gets its name from the way that it hops away from danger. 
  • Wolf Spiders –Wolf spiders are solitary spiders made for the hunt.  They will pounce or even chase their prey.  They come in a variety of sizes and colorations.  Wolf spiders are best known for the way they carry their young on their backs, causing many a homeowner to scream as the babies flee during your efforts to stomp the adult.
  • Huntsman Spider –This large spider is very common in Florida and often found in homes.  At night, they can be found on walls and ceilings looking for their favorite prey…cockroaches.