N.O.K.P. | TNT Sends The Bugs Packing for Good

N.O.K.P. | TNT Sends The Bugs Packing for Good


TNT Sends the Bugs Packing For Good

Posted by Admin on 14-05-2008 |
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By Adam Porter, NOKP
Most of us consider Florida to be a little slice of paradise. Gorgeous weather year round, endless opportunities for fun, illumination, and inspiration – all of these describe why we live here and why we are willing to tolerate the legendary summertime heat and humidity.
But there is one aspect of living in Florida that most of us are wholly unwilling to tolerate…Bugs. This is a truism natives learn early and transplants learn quickly: in Florida, you either have pest control or you have bugs. Termites, ants, roaches, all manner of nasty little critters that conspire to ruin your fun in the sun.
Unfortunately, particularly when dealing with termites, homeowners are unaware that they have an infestation until after they discover substantial damage. Drywood & subterranean termites can get through cracks in your foundation and get in the walls, eating their way right up into your attic. Suddenly your home sweet home has become a bug-infested nightmare. Repairs to a termite-damaged home can be extremely costly and include the frustration and inconvenience of extensive remodeling or reconstruction.
But termites are not the only pests that may want to make your house their personal playground. Once ants, roaches, wasps, bees, fleas, ticks and spiders start coming they simply keep coming.
In contrast, with the assistance of a certified professional, pest control and prevention is simple, affordable and effective. And, as anyone who has been through the infestation nightmare can attest, it is never too early to begin.
Of course, there is one particular pest that seems to infest Florida everywhere. Here at News of Kings Point, we call them the “service amateur.” They make appointments and do not show up. When they do come out, they charge you just to come take a look. They charge you for dubious service, and then when the service fails you call up and find the phone disconnected. So, you are left with roaches and with termites…and less money in your wallet. How can you avoid this?
Simple. You call someone with experience, with references and with a confirmed track record of success. When it comes to pest control in Hillsborough County, you call TNT Termite and Pest Control.
After 20-plus years in the industry, owner, Ed Tekampe, has seen just about everything, and he understands what it takes to provide efficient and effective preventative and restorative pest control for both residential and commercial customers. He and his wife, Bonnie, founded TNT in February 2011 in order to provide consistently excellent customer service with a personal touch, the sort of service they would expect in their own home. “Many of our customers are our friends and business associates in the community, many in our own neighborhood. We take extra time to educate our customers not simply about treatment options, but about what they can do to encourage sustained prevention of their individual pest problem. We are here to provide peace of mind for our customers.”
And what do TNT’s customers have to say?
“TNT did a great job at a great price. They are experts, professionals we trust completely.”
“We saw large spiders in our home and called TNT. They answered all of my questions and checked out every crevice of our home. Haven’t seen a spider or any other pesky visitors since. Two thumbs up!”
“TNT Pest Control was Fabulous! Efficient, thorough and reasonably priced! I have used a different pest control service for years and have never experienced such wonderful service like TNT provided.”
“The people of TNT really have their act together. We had been having problems with our current pest provider for numerous months, so finally we had TNT come out and take a look at our buildings. They were professional, thorough and the cost savings were substantial.”
This commitment to quality service begins the moment TNT takes a customer’s call. “We provide free inspections with no obligation to purchase our services. We can even quote residential pest control over the phone!”
So, remember that very true adage: in Florida, if you don’t already have bugs, you are about to…unless you do something about it. Whether you need prevention or restoration, help is only a phone call away. Contact TNT Termite and Pest Control at 813.716.9196. To learn more about TNT pest control visit www.tnttermiteandpestcontrol.com. And when you call, remember to ask about discounts for seniors, military personnel, first responders and any new accounts.

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