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Helpful Hints for Your Home

With summer fast approaching, Florida’s ants will become more active.

  1. Trim back shrubs and trees off the home.
  2. Don’t stack wood piles or other objects near the home as these can provide nesting sites.
  3. Avoid putting pet food outside.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, be aware that different types of ants may require different types of treatments.

This warm summer weather has created the right condition for insects to swarm. Both ant and termite colonies are producing winged swarmers that may appear outside or even inside your home!

Rover Ants

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us.  As you go out to enjoy your weekend by the pool, you discover unwanted guests…Those ants floating around in your pool are Rover Ants. They swarm in the Spring and Summer. They are mainly an outdoor ant, nesting under stones in the soil or in rotting wood. If they have wings then this activity should stop as their swarming is a seasonal event. The activity of the foraging ants can be minimized with regular pest control treatments

Ghost Ants

Ghost ants may be invading your homes and businesses. There is definitely an increase in ant activity this year. Make sure your trees, bushes and flowering plants are trimmed back from your home. Ants may use them to find their way into your property.


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