Swarming Season

It is termite swarm season once again. Already we have seen swarms in Valrico, Apollo Beach, Riverview, Ruskin, and Bloomingdale. As this warm weather continues, there will be more. If you see small black insects with wings twice as long as their body, TAKE ACTION! There is a growing termite colony in the area. Don’t let these hungry invaders feed on your home!

Subterranean termites are beginning to swarm in many areas. Pay close attention to potted plants outside the home, particularly those sitting directly on the soil. It is very common for a variety of ants, roaches, even termites, to nest in and under these man-made habitats. This week we were inspecting around a home and unearthed subterranean termites, including several swarmers waiting to take flight.

This warm summer weather has created the right condition for insects to swarm. Both ant and termite colonies are producing winged swarmers that may appear outside or even inside your home!

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